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About Us

Oak Electric’s mission is to build a company based on respect, excellence, accountability, safety, and collaboration.
Oak Electric’s goal is to simplify life for our busy clients and ensure peace of mind, knowing our family-owned and operated company is here to take care of them and their families. Oak offers a range of services (one call covers it all) and provides top-notch customer service that exceeds client expectations.
Our business is built on happy clients, clients that refer us to their neighbors, friends, and family… our customer service, exceptional work, and integrity, set us apart from our competition.
Our average employee has been with us for over 10 years, which speaks volumes about our company and the value we place on our employees and their contributions to our success.
We started as a family-minded business and we continue to ensure this mentality remains unchanged, whether it relates to our clients or our amazing employees.
We know the community and the community know us! When you choose Oak Electric, you choose experience.